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Let it Go Lyrics - Disney Sheet Music


  1. Charlotte Connelly

    i like frozen because its very good and my friend Mia Sykes loves the song let it go and so do i im doing two copies of let it go because so Mia can have of her own it will be very nice of me to give her a copy of the song i bet she will say ” thank you Charlotte” Said Mia thank for letting me comment about the song of let it go oh wait before i go there’s some song from the movie frozen like loves an open door/ do you want to build a snowman/ in summer/ fixer upper/ frozen heart/ for the first time in forever and for the first in for ever reprise byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee clove from cc as Charlotte Connelly and ms as Mia Sykes.

  2. Kindra

    I like elsa because she has a very nice voice she look very nice and beautiful